Translation check list

The translation is done. Everything is ready to send it to the project’s PM. It’s time for the last check:

  1. Use terminology and style consistently and appropriately throughout the documentation. Adhere to glossaries.
  2. Use standard or recurring phrases, e.g. “Note”, “Warning”, “Click on”, “Related Topics” and “Important” consistently throughout the documentation. Apply a consistent style.
  3. Check that no omission has occurred (chapter names, titles, headings and footers).
  4. Check that no overtranslation has occurred.
  5. Follow instructions, style guides, reference material, or glossaries provided by IFL.
  6. Pay special attention to instructions given regarding company names, street address, zip codes, telephone and fax numbers, including the area code.
  7. Use metric or currency conversions consistently and correctly.
  8. Apply capitalization and punctuation, particularly in numbered and bulleted lists, consistently.
  9. Do not delete any leading or trailing spaces in tagged file formats.
  10. Apply formatting, for example bolding of specific references, correctly. Do not change the source format.
  11. Adapt cultural references or examples to the target language or country. If in doubt, raise a query to the project manager
  12. Render the overall meaning of the source text accurately.
  13. Translate headings and image captions not too long.
  14. Be technically accurate and clear. Follow grammar and spelling rules of the target language properly.

Translators must review their own translations, run a spell-check on them and erase double spacing between words before delivery.

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