Some tips for SDLX projects

If you receive a SDLX project from IFL, here you have a few reminders that might help you:

Main Hotkeys:

Ctrl + F8 = glossary search
F8 = TM search
Ctrl + R = termbase search
Concordance = F7
F4 = Copy source

In case the files present some Format Paint issues, you can fix those issues very easily before delivering the file to us by clicking on the paint brush icon on the upper toolbar and clicking on the green arrows to show you the faulty segments so you can fix them. Also, you can just browse through the segments and scan for segment numbers in the source text that are painted bright green, that is another indication of a segment with an incorrect format paint. To make sure you prevent these issues, you can also use Copy source (F4) while translating, which helps maintaining original formatting.

If you have any more doubts (especially regarding the SDLX tool), just let us know and I’ll do my best to clarify them.

(by Débora Weirich)


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